Giving Away Love is a website dedicated to sharing giveaways hosted by other bloggers across the web. It was started in February 2013 by Rachael Cleveland of The Aliso Kitchen as a way to both share and find giveaways ONLY run by bloggers and not businesses.

Although I love small businesses, it's not so much fun giving your personal information to a large company in the hopes they'll gift you with some small token. The bloggers who share their giveaways here might be sponsored by or promoting an item from a larger company, but I only share giveaways hosted by bloggers.

Rachael Cleveland is a freelance blogger and food fanatic who lives in Northern Virginia. She believes that life doesn't have to be expensive to be happy and healthy. In order to live better for less and pass on that passion., she shares tips, experiences, embarrassing moments, and anything else that crops up on The Aliso Kitchen.

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