When will my giveaway be posted?

At this time, all giveaways will be published within 2 days of posting. Many giveaways will be published the day submitted, but please understand that this is a free service run by one individual.

How will I know the giveaway has been posted?

I will send you an email to the address used to submit the giveaway once the post is live. You can verify submission on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and through our email updates.

Why was my giveaway post edited?

Sometimes, there are small errors like spellings or odd word choices. In other cases, the post might not have followed the rules exactly as noted in the form. I reserve the right the edit any giveaway submission for understanding and content. If it does not meet the guidelines exactly, it might not be published at all.

Why was my giveaway denied?

There are a whole host of reasons why a giveaway might not be published. It could be a duplicate, feature an item or service not supported by this forum, or your website might not fit our expectations. I reserve the right to deny any giveaway submission, without cause or explanation. If the submission was denied for a small reason, I may contact you for further information and clarification.

Why aren't businesses allowed to submit giveaways?

There are many websites out there dedicated to sharing ALL giveaways. This is not one of them. As a blogger myself and someone tired of digging through weird, business-run giveaways disguised as blogger-run ones, they are not allowed on GAL at all.

If you are a business and have provided an item to a blogger for a giveaway, please contact the blogger directly to submit the giveaway on this site. If you do it, you will be denied. Sorry!

Why aren't I allowed to submit giveaways that include a service?

Well, there are many reasons. First, many services only work for a small, location-based audience. You might giveaway a session for a massage therapist somewhere, but that's too area-specific. Secondly, I cannot vouch for the quality of the service. The last thing I want to do is connect a reader with a specific service only to find out later that those free home repairs started a fire or flood. Lastly, these are far too intangible. The giveaways shared on GAL are tangible items sent directly to the winner's door.

Why can't I submit a giveaway with a cash prize?

Personally, giveaways with cash prizes don't make me happy. Those numbers make people go crazy, which then sends traffic through the roof. That's good for the blogger, but not the entrant.

Also, there are laws surrounding cash prizes (and all giveaway items, at least in the US). You have to claim all giveaway winnings as earnings and even pay taxes, especially on larger sums on money. I'd rather leave those giveaways to the others.

What kinds of gift cards do you publish?

I prefer gift cards or credit for companies like Amazon, Etsy shops and sellers, or small-scale producers. Online sellers make it easy for anyone to take advantage of the offer if they win, and they contribute to individual craftspeople. I like that.

If you submit a giveaway to a national chain, I might publish the post depending on the quality of the blog and offer. 

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