Would you like to partake in Giving Away Love as a sponsor? 

This is a PR-friendly site, which means I offer both advertisements and product reviews/giveaways.

If you have an item you think GAL readers would enjoy, please contact me at givingawaylove@gmail.com.

For sponsors, you can purchase ad space by size.

All ad spaces last for one month, and prices are as follows:

125 x 125 - $5
300 x 250 - $10
290 x 125 - $7

Ads do not rotate, which means your ad will never move around or disappear. Absolutely every page that loads will show YOUR ad, which increases your total ad reach.

To learn more about GAL stats and what this ad space really means for you, please email me.

For bloggers interested in an ad swap, please email me (givingawaylove@gmail.com).

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