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Are you a blogger?
Are you hosting a giveaway?


Giveaways are a wonderful way to share something you love with your readers. I'm happy to help you grow your site by sharing your giveaway free of charge on Giving Away Love.

First though, I do have a few rules. 

Giving Away Love Rules

The blog must be your own, and you must be hosting the giveaway.
The event must be a giveaway, not a sweepstakes.
You may only submit one giveaway at a time, but may share up to 3 giveaways per day.
The giveaway must be live and open for at least 5 days from now.
The giveaway must be free to enter.
The giveaway must not be a means for you, the blogger, to win some sort of prize in another contest.
All giveaways on Facebook must abide by Facebook's giveaways rules. 

Giveaways that will not be approved:

  • Illegal or adult items
  • Business services (other than advertising space on other blogs)
  • Events that require individuals to vote for you in a contest
  • Sweepstakes
  • Giveaways run by businesses of any kind
  • Giveaways closing within the next 5 days
  • Giveaways that break various promotional laws 
  • Giveaways that do not appear well-managed
  • Freebies
  • Cash prizes
  • Duplicates
  • Giveaways that require individuals to follow or like irrelevant businesses or services.
I reserve the right to deny publication to any and all giveaway submissions without giving cause. If I deny the entry due to technical problems (misspelling or bad links), I will contact you once to try again.

If you're unsure of what any of the terms above mean, please read the FAQs or send me an email!

In your email below, please:

1. Use your own name in the Name bar.
2. Enter an email address at which you can be reached.
2. Enter the name of the giveaway in the Subject bar.
3. Provide the following information in the message:
- Item
- Value 
- Host (the name of your blog)
- Giveaway end date
- Locations (US, US and Canada, or International)
- Direct URL to the giveaway post
- About (optional; feel free to explain the giveaway or item)

If you'd like to contribute a picture of the prize, please email it to and use the giveaway title as the subject line (.JPG only, please).

**By submitting your giveaway below, you understand and accept that the submission may be rejected at any time for any reason and that Giving Away Love is not liable for any aspect of your giveaway.**

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